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The Miracle League of Central Mississippi was founded in 2014 by Joseph Voynik, who was 12 years old at the time.  Joseph learned about the Miracle League while watching a Major League Baseball game and was inspired to become involved as a volunteer.  When he realized there wasn’t an accessible field in the area, he decided to raise money to build one.  Joseph and his classmates raised over $10,000 for the project at a fundraising event held at his school.  This outpouring of support confirmed Joseph’s belief that athletic opportunities should be available to all kids, regardless of any disability. Joseph realized his dream could make a difference in our community and the Miracle League of Central Mississippi was born.

The Miracle League conducted a site selection process and chose to partner with the City of Ridgeland in October 2015.  The City will contribute an existing field at Hite Wolcott Park to be renovated by the Miracle League.  The field is integrated within a quad of three other baseball diamonds that are used by youth without disabilities. The City of Ridgeland Recreation & Parks Department will operate the league after construction of the field.

There are few athletic and outdoor recreation opportunities for children and adults with disabilities in the Jackson Metro area.  The Miracle League Field will be the first of its kind in Central Mississippi.

While some of the necessary infrastructure was in place at Hite Wolcott Park, funds were needed to construct the specially-designed field and upgrade accessibility. Over $550,000 has been raised for this project.

The Miracle League of Central Mississippi hopes you will support this worthwhile endeavor. Together, we can provide life-changing experiences and the opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to play the great pastime of baseball in our community!